About AllSports Products

Our Story

In the late 1970's, Security Fencing Co Pty Ltd was supplying the erecting tennis court fencing to most of the tennis court builders in South-east Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

At that time the major tennis courts were using posts constructed of either 50mm or 65mm galvanised pipe with an external winder to tighten the nets. Some tennis court builders then started importing net posts from overseas. These posts looked good but did not stand up to the harsh conditions in Australia.

We were asked to design & manufacture a set of net posts that would suit Australian conditions and look good as well, with little maintenance. After some time and considerable thought, we created the design you see today. That was in 1982, the first models were without the patented Cradle that we have today.

The Patented Safety Cradle

This innovation came after testing and discussing with the tennis court builders as how to improve the design; the cradle allowed greater tension on the net cord without slippage. A later innovation was developed, requested by the Technical Director of Tennis Australia, to see if I could eliminate the dangerous fixed handle protruding from the post–at eye height for a child or hip height for an adult. This resulted in the Patented Safety drop down handle which is now standard for AllSports Net Posts.

Patents have been granted for these products in Australia, Europe and United States of America.